• Forest Film and Art Investment Holdings and Hengyuan Xinda reached strategic cooperation in the field of cultural tourism

    On May 23, 2019, Beijing Forest Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Wentou Holdings Co., Ltd. and Hengyuan Xinda Technology Group officially signed a strategic cooperation investment agreement, and intend to carry out in-depth cooperation in the cultural, creative, financial and tourism industries. At 10 o'clock in the morning, Wang Sen, general manager of Wentou Holdings Co., Ltd., Wang Xin, chairman of Hengyuan Xinda Technology Group... [View More]

  • The ratings and word-of-mouth harvest of the forestry film "Starting" won another award

    On March 26th, the 2019 Spring Beijing TV Program Trade Fair and Beijing Ping Drama Release was grandly opened at the Beijing Convention Center. Nearly 3,500 people from the national radio and television industry attended the event. Leaders of the State Administration of Radio and Television, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, and the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau attended the opening ceremony of the fair and put forward new expectations for the development of the film industry... [View more]

  • Take the CCTV New Year's drama, the theme is multi-faceted, and the "death" spirit of forest photography

    From 2017, "The Name of the People" has become the explosion of the streets and lanes. By 2018, CCTV's opening drama "Change the World", and then to the highly acclaimed "The Most Beautiful Youth", "Pentium Years", "Dajiang River", " The main theme "film and television drama blossoms everywhere. What's even more gratifying is that the appearance of these "main melody" TV dramas is no longer a teaching and proficiency... [View more]


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Beijing Forest Film and Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Forest Film is a cultural industry company that covers script creation, copyright trading, film production, investment filming, short video production and operation, marketing and distribution, artist brokerage, business development, and cross-industry chain cooperation. ... [see more]

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Wang Xiaolie

Famous director, photography director. Representative works include "With Wife", "God Dogs", "Clouds and Waters", "Ice and Snow 11 Days", "God Dog Xiaoqi", "First Secretary", "With Wife" and so on. [see more]

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